The Lecturers is a series of  talks, mostly by artists and curators.  These talks (presentations, demonstrations, etc. . .) are commissioned and produced on video.

They all present ideas developed by cultural producers that are related, in various ways, to a visual arts practice.  There is also a central concern regarding the production and consumption of knowledge within the visual arts.

Although conceived as a series, each one is contextualized within  its own parameters.

Foremost, consider The Lecturers a process.


The Lecturers es una serie de charlas | videos, comisionadas a productores culturales.  Partiendo de las artes visuales, el proyecto se concentra en la producción y distribución de conocimientos, desarrollando temas estéticos, socio-históricos y culturales. 

 The Lecturers está pensado como un proceso.

Todo el material está producido para el web.

Organizado x Pablo Guardiola





This project was made possible, in part, thanks to a grant from Southern Exposure


and all the Kickstarter backers


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